Inktober sketchbook part 1

Alex thomas 15
luna base camp
Alex thomas 8 1
luna water truck
Alex thomas 13
jet turbine lorry. This theme is based off a idea Chrysler and General Motors developed in the 60's. The positives being that turbine engines burn less fuel at speed; perfect for long motorway drives.
Alex thomas 14
moors beer vat bot
Alex thomas 5
Emergency accumulator bot that walks around supplying power to small areas of blocs
Alex thomas 2
sail powered train
Alex thomas 3
jet shapes apc
Alex thomas 1
scifi crafts

Been have a great time on inktober this month. Wanted to post some of my favs on here from the first half of the month. if your interested in seeing the rest of them they are on my insta and twitter both @alexthomas87